• Testimonial from KM

    From: K.M [mailto:km…..@gmail.com] To info@massclinic.org Thank you very much! All of you are fantastic. I picked up the prescription yesterday afternoon, by this afternoon I feel so much better. Thank You again – all are very special. I will not…

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  • Testimonial from CS

    C.S. Wonderful clinic who has the patients best interest in mind! No other clinic in Jacksonville we’ve called would help us unless we were both unemployed, although we are below the poverty line. We made an appointment online and were seen by a doctor…

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  • Testimonial from PB

    To whom it may concern: I have been privileged to have health coverage the majority of my life time but have no health plan now. Your clinic is exceptional for the the resources allotted. The staff is friendly and handles difficult situations’ well. With…

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